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Selecting a flooring store...
                Lets see if we can help you choose a flooring store...

1.  Service:  In any given geographical location, you will find a number of areas with less expensive
labor.  Service contractors who will do the work for penny's on the dollar.  Typically, these people work
from their home, lack insurance, and don't have lettered vehicles or uniformed personel.  Some won't
even give you a receipt and want a cash payment for services rendered.  In the flooring business,
company's are torn between profit margins & quality.  
At Giada Michael Flooring, we don't
compromise with labor, our staff is fully insured, arrive in lettered vehicles
and are fully uniformed.

2.  Warranty:  98% of carpet comes from Atlanta GA and made by Shaw, Beaulieu, or Mohawk.  
When comparing apples to apples, they all carry the same warranty.  What is important is the
warranty on the labor!  Some retailers offer a 1-3 year warranty on their installations.
 At Giada
Michael Flooring, we give our customers an unconditional LIFETIME warranty.  
No exclusions or fine print! If something goes wrong with your installation, we
fix it for free.... LIFETIME!

3.  Options:  Long are the days when a flooring store just sold flooring.  When accidents happen,
your flooring store must offer repair & cleaning in order to fully service the product.  Since we offer
cleaning, repairs or replacement, you have the freedom to choose what is best for your budget
without a biased opinion.  At Giada Michael Flooring, we give our customers the
freedom of choice without persuasion or bias.  

4.  Bait & Switch:  Ever seen an ad like, "WHOLE HOUSE INSTALLATION $97"?
Or "BUY 1 ROOM, GET 5 FREE"?  As most know, the cost is typically built into the price of the carpet
and the illusion of cost savings is in the headline only.  These ads are simply meant to lure people
into buying new flooring.  The best way to protect yourself is to compare the bottom line price for the
flooring, supplies, furniture moving, removal, installation, disposal & warranty.
 At Giada Michael
Flooring, we always give you a bottom line price, no hidden fees.

5.  Price:  Basic economics> the larger the monster, the more they eat.  Same goes with flooring
retailers, car dealers and any retailer.  The more over-head a company has, the more expensive their
products must be to stay in business.   More payroll, more rent, more utilities equates to higher retail
prices.  Our firm has been steadfast  through many down cycles in our economy; most recently the
recession of '08-'11.
 At Giada Michael Flooring, we stay humble and not over
extend our business model so we may give the customer the best price
possible WITH the best warranty in the business.

6.  Exchange:  As an example, when you purchase clothing at a store, you have the option to
exchange your item if unhappy.  Same goes with carpet!  On most selections, carpet now comes with
an exchange policy... if you're unhappy with your carpet for any reason, the manufacture will exchange
it for you FREE!   
At Giada Michael Flooring we offer a No Questions Asked
exchange policy on many carpet styles.
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Since 1991, we've been servicing Naperville and the entire Chicago-land
area the way our grandfather taught us (Alfred Sambrano).  This style of
customer service dates back 2 generations and goes above and beyond
customer service standards.  It has enabled us to weather the poor-economic times and
develop well rooted residential & commercial accounts.  We also don't believe in testimonials,
most are fictitious and falsely promote businesses.  We like to put our money where our
mouth is and show you our client list.  If they can trust us, we hope we can gain your trust as
well.  Here are some of our larger accounts, along with the 1,000's of residential clients:
415 E Ogden Ave.
Naperville IL 60563
M-W: 9-7   Th: 9-6
Fri: 9-5   Sat: 10-4.